Mac users are reporting cases of being attacked by malicious malware, possibly for the first time in Apple's history, and panicking customers are increasing.

Apple's Macintosh computers are generally accepted as a more secure device than PC. One of the biggest merits of purchasing a Mac over a PC was the belief that Mac was safe from virus or similar attacks. This Mac security myth was busted two weeks ago when a large number of Mac users are hit by a malware known as “Mac Defender” and it triggered panic from Apple customers.

In an interview that Ed Bott of ZDNet conducted with AppleCare, the anonymous AppleCare representative confirmed the growing number of customers who have been affected.

“We started getting a trickle of calls a couple weeks ago. However, this last week over 50% of our calls have been about it. In two days last week I personally took 60 calls that referred to Mac Defender,” said the AppleCare rep.

The – possibly the first ever – Mac malware opens a pop-up page in the Internet browser and pretends as if it is scanning the computer for viruses. And before the second part of scanning begins, it asks for the administrative password to continue. Once the pretended scanning is done, it gives a warning message that the computer needs to purchase a security program to remove viruses. If the user enters the credit card information, the malware simply says the card is denied and asks for another card information, which subsequently could result in exploiting multiple card information to the hackers. The malware may pop up porn sites at times, fooling the customers that the computer is in serious danger.

According to the AppleCare rep, the customers are panic-stricken. “So, panicking, yes, I’d say that would be the situation usually,” commented the AppleCare rep.

Apple Support Communities website has been filled with customers fervently trying to do something about the problem.

How can I get rid of this? I thought Apple computers were virus-free. Is this not true? Any ideas? wrote necil who appeared to have been infected by Mac Defender.

I just installed Macdefender after it said my macbook is infected with a bunch of virus and I even paid for it ($99)! I saw all the warnings and got panicky about it and just used my credit card to pay for it! said caroltoronoto.

I have the Mac Defender virus, got it late last night on an image search. I trashed as much as I could, but unpleasant unwanted sites keeps popping up,on Firefox. HELP! posted tooyoungtoretir”