The premiere of the final episodes of “Mad Men” largely dealt with how little things have changed for the show’s main characters in 10 years. However, the times have certainly changed around them and the 1970s brought some new faces to the AMC series. There were a handful of guest stars in Sunday's episode and fans might be wondering where they have seen them before. 

The episode opened with a very beautiful woman modeling a chinchilla coat for Don Draper (Jon Hamm). The scene at first felt like a dream sequence -- with Don instructing her what to do and even what to feel -- until it was revealed to be a casting audition for an ad. The woman in the scene was none other than Rainey Qualley -- the daughter of “Groundhog Day” star Andy MacDowell. Qualley is an actress and aspiring country singer who previously appeared as Miss Golden Globe in 2012. Though Qualley has had some small roles in a few indie films, the “Mad Men” premiere was her television debut.

Mad Men Rainey Qualley guests stars as a model in episode 8 of "Mad Men" Season 7. Photo: AMC

Qualley was not the only familiar face Sunday. Devon Gummersall, best remembered for his role as Brian Krakow in the classic 1990s teen drama “My So-Called Life,” showed up as Peggy’s (Elizabeth Moss) blind date. Though Gummersall has appeared as a guest star in quite a few series since playing Krakow, the socially awkward whiz kid with a burning crush on Angela Chase (Clair Danes) remains his most famous part.

Vulture reported that Moss was a big fan of “My So-Called Life” and was excited to hear Gummersall had been cast.

"I f------  flipped out," Moss said. "Claire Danes, I just thought she was so incredible. I always wanted her to be with [Brian]. Then they had that last episode where they almost got together, and then they canceled the show! It was devastating."

Since Peggy and Stevie -- Gummersall’s character on “Mad Men” -- tentatively agreed to take a romantic trip to Paris, perhaps fans will be seeing more of the actor on the show soon.

Finally, a “Twilight” veteran made an appearance in the premiere as well. Elizabeth Reaser -- who plays Esme Cullen in the vampire film series -- guest starred as a waitress that Don becomes obsessed with because she reminds him of a woman from his past.

Mad Men Elizabeth Reaser guest stars as a waitress who catches Don's (Jon Hamm) eye in episode 8 of "Mad Men" Season 7. Photo: AMC

With six episodes left, “Mad Men” promises to introduce a few more interesting guest stars before the series ends for good. “Mad Men” airs at 10 p.m. EDT Sundays on AMC.