The Netflix series “Making A Murderer” revealed Steven Avery claimed the Manitowoc Police of Wisconsin framed him for the death of Teresa Halbach. However, it might have been someone else.  Turns out, Avery thought his brothers, Charles and Earl, were responsible, according to a 59-page court document filed in 2009. The document was obtained by the Wrap and TMZ on Wednesday. 

Avery, now 53, backed up his claim by saying both of his brothers sexually assaulted women in the past. Earl pled no contest to sexually assaulting his two daughters in 1995, TMZ noted. Charles was charged with sexually assaulting his wife. He allegedly held her down and tried to strangle her with a phone cord before the attack.

Further, Charles has a past of assaulting women in the Avery junkyard, the document stated. It’s the same place where Halbach was probably killed.

steven-avery-petition Netflix's "Making A Murderer" docu-series made Dolores, the mother of Steven Avery (pictured), feel horrible. Like her son, she maintains that he is innocent and the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, police set him up. Photo: Netflix

So why would Avery suspect his own brothers? The family was reportedly fighting over a multimillion-dollar settlement that Avery received for a wrongful conviction. They wanted to "frame Steven over money [following his wrongful imprisonment settlement], a share of the family business, and over [Steven’s girlfriend at the time]," the document said, according to the Wrap.

The defense wasn’t allowed to share Avery’s suspicions in court, though. “The defense said if it was given the opportunity, they'd like to argue it wasn't Steven Avery but it may have been this person or that person," “Making A Murderer” co-director Moira Demos told Rolling Stone on Tuesday. "And the judge said, basically, 'You haven't met your burden of proof and I'm not going to allow you to mention any of those people by name.”

While Avery asserted his brothers were responsible for his life sentence, his mother, Dolores, maintained it was the Manitowoc police. “The cops lied!” she told Radar Online in an exclusive report Tuesday. “I feel terrible for Steven.”

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