Devastating photos of the MH17 crash site in Eastern Ukraine continue to be shared  on Twitter and Instagram days after 298 people lost their lives traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

Before the flight even took off, Md Ali Md Salim, a 30-year-old psychology student, posted a video to Instagram. According to Buzzfeed, Salim captioned the video “Bismillah… #hatiadasikitgentar,” which essentially translates to “In the name of God … feeling a little bit nervous.”

MH17 Malaysian passenger Md Ali Md Salim uploaded a 14-second video to Instagram before MH17 took off. Photo: Instagram

Journalist Noah Sneider posted a photo of a makeshift memorial: 

Holland-based reporter Christian Vermont also shared images of a memorial:

A number of people at the site have taken recent images of the wreckage, some that show the victims being taken away in body bags. Other photos reveal the crash site being cleaned up with a crane. The pictures, however, do not come from verified Twitter accounts. 

Many people who posted images feared the rebels were interfering with the investigation, and possibly ruining evidence.

The remains of the nearly 300 killed on the flight left the Ukraine crash site on Monday and were to be taken to the Netherlands -- where many of the victims lived -- after Malaysia's prime minister reached a deal with the leader of pro-Russian separatists controlling the area, Reuters reported. The rebels also agreed to hand over the plane’s black boxes, which could hold information about the crash.

Pro-Russian rebels are believed to be responsible for the downed flight, though nothing has officially been determined. The crash of MH17 has only deepened the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

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