Police captured the man who allegedly killed his grandparents last week when they stormed into a Lincoln City, Ore., motel on Tuesday evening, the Seattle Times reported.

Twenty-six-year-old Michael Boysen was taken into custody by authorities around 7 p.m. PDT at the Westshore Oceanfront Suites after a 10-hour standoff. According to authorities, he had some self-inflicted wounds.

Sgt. Cindi West from the King County (Wash.) Sheriff’s Office said Boysen was unconscious when he taken into custody and believes his wounds could have come from broken glass.

His condition is currently unknown, the Seattle Times stated, but his injuries were severe enough to have him airlifted to a Portland hospital.

According to Lincoln City Police Chief Keith Kilian, no shots were fired during the standoff, and authorities entered the motel room after a video-equipped robot filmed footage of Boysen dropping to the floor.

"It was a very successful mission," Oregon Live quoted Kilian. "No officers were hurt, and our citizens will soon be able to return to their homes."

Boysen is suspected of killing his grandparents, Robert Taylor, 82, and Norma Taylor, 80, at their home near Renton, Wash., near Seattle, last weekend just a few hours after he had gotten out of a Washington state prison.

He had been locked up for nine months on a burglary conviction and was previously imprisoned from 2006 to 2011 for robbery convictions, related to painkiller addiction, Chad Lewis, a Washington Corrections Department spokesman, told The Associated Press.

The suspect checked into the Oregon motel under the alias Kent Landers, according to Oregon Live, but police were tipped off about Boysen’s whereabouts when the motel's property managers recognized his face and name after seeing him on the news and called Lincoln City police in the morning.

After guests were evacuated from the motel and set up in a Red Cross shelter, police began to negotiate with Boysen to coax him out of the room.

"We were talking, but we just weren't getting anywhere," Kilian said. "So we decided to ramp up efforts to bring this to an end as quickly and safely as possible."

Boysen’s grandparents had thrown him a welcome home party when he got back from prison and his grandmother’s last text message was to family members, thanking them for coming to the party.

The cause and manner of the grandparent’s deaths is currently under investigation.

“Between the family and detectives we have no idea,” the Daily Mail quoted Sgt. West.

“It's just bizarre. The family loved and supported him the whole time he was in prison.”