An unnamed Swedish man was detained for attempting to build a nucleaer reactor in his kitchen.

Authorities of Angelholm town only learned of this man when he contacted Sweden's nuclear authority asking if an individual is permitted to build a nuclear reactor in his home.

He was in possession of radioactive materials and had dismantled smoke detectors wherein contains some nuclear material. He also ordered a Geiger counter from the United States.

The unnamed nuclear enthusiast brazenly wrote on his blog "I was arrested and sent to jail when the police and the Swedish Radiation Authority searched my apartment. They took all my radioactive stuff, but I was released after a hearing. But I am still suspect for crime against the radiation safety law."

"The reactions I have encountered about citizens in Angelholm is that the whole thing seems innocent," Anders Clark told "Some have questioned his ability to feel a sense of responsibility, but I haven't met any particular concern over the incident.