A Tulsa, Oklahoma man who perched on a TV tower 100 feet from the ground since last Thursday finally came down after a six-day standoff.  He was then put on a stretcher and rushed to a hospital in an ambulance, reported Tulsa World.  

The man, 25-year-old William Boyd Sturdivant II, refused repeated attempts by the Tulsa Police and Fire Department to bring him to the ground.

The officials unsuccessfully tried to coax him with food and water.  Prior to his rescue, the last time he drank water was early Friday, reported CBS.  

Moreover, the man endured heat up to 90 degrees during his perch on top of the TV tower.

After the man’s stunt became widely known, a crowd gathered below him.  Several times prior to his final rescue, officials came close to coaxing him down but was derailed by the shouting crowd below, which distracted him, reported KOTV-DT.

The man took naps and occasionally shouted at the crowd, reported CBS.

It’s unclear what finally made him come down from the tower.  It’s also unclear why he climbed up there in the first place, which he did after he was chased from an authorized area of the TV station by security guards, according to CBS.

The man has a history of mental illness and was convicted of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, according to Tulsa World.

Below is a video of the man on the tower.