Signs reading Caution exotic animals and Stay in vehicle, were displayed in central Ohio Wednesday morning, warning people that there were still wild animals on the loose following Tuesday's  mass escape from a game preserve in Muskingum County, the Associated Press reported.

Also according to the report, children were kept out of school and motorists were advised to stay of of the roads. On Tuesday around 30 of the 48 escaped animals had been killed, with the AP reporting that officials were still trying to figure out what to do with the remains.

The animals escaped Tuesday after their cages were apparently opened. The owner of the preserve was foun dead, according to the AP/

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said the state of Ohio would need to change its laws--which currently do not address the sale and posession of wild animals--to stop future similar incidents, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

There really needs to be some legislation changed on how these things are going on in the state of Ohio, Lutz said to the Dispatch.

Lutz appeared on NBC's Today show Wednesday moring, the AP reported. He didn't speculate on how the preserves owner Terry Thompson died, saying only that anything's a possibility at this point.