Italian rider Marco Simoncelli’s death Sunday in a crash during the Malaysian MotoGP has sent a warning signal to other riders - a fatal accident like this is bound to happen.

Franco Uncini, the MotoGP riders' safety representative, does not feel there are any safety changes that can be made to avoid such gruesome accidents.

Uncini also met with a similar crash in the 1983 Dutch TT during his own racing career and was left in coma. He said that the accident was unpreventable.

In a RAI radio interview, Uncini said: We've done a lot for safety and we are quite pleased with it. But unfortunately fate is not in our hands and we don't have the power to change it. When it comes to fate, we should accept what comes defenselessly. Nothing else can be done.”

The safety was there in abundance; as per the request, the circuit was perfectly inside the limits. The crash happened like many other but the only problem was that, the bikes were so close to one another that other rider came and hit Marco's head and neck. That's what made the crash so dramatic.

Uncini might sound a little complacent, but he said that Simoncelli had made a significant contribution to the MotoGP safety commission.

Uncini paid tribute to Simoncelli and said, He was an outstanding rider; with an exceptional character, funny, friendly and intelligent too. When we'd meet on Fridays, he was always very intelligent smart by saying sensible and important things.”

He was very good in professional life and was very constructive. He was worried about safety aspects and was always present in the meetings.”

Uncini said that the finale of the series at Valencia in a fortnight would be dedicated to Simoncelli. For us it will be impossible to forget Marco, especially in such a short time.”

I can't even think of Valencia race without Simoncelli. It'll be painful for us to go there and spend the weekend without him.

Simoncelli, one of the best motocross riders, died Sunday in a horrific crash at the Malaysian MotoGP motorcycle race in Kuala Lumpur. The crash happened when two other riders came and hit him, he was then sent to a local medical center where he was declared dead after 45 minutes of chest, head and neck injuries.