UPDATE 2 p.m.: Marilyn Manson's rep made a statement to Us Weekly that he is not engaged to Seraphim Ward and the two have actually never met. This is untrue, Manson's rep told Us Weekly. He has never met this woman.Ward also debunked the rumors via Twitter. I am NOT engaged to Marilyn Manson, I look up to him and his work! I am with an x-bandmate, but it is NOT Manson! Ward wrote. I am amazed at how someone I am with and working with from the Manson camp get's turned into it's Marilyn Manson! Ward's publicist told E! News that she is actually engaged to Pogo, known as Madonna Wayne Gacy, who played keyboard for Manson.

Marilyn Manson, who has been rocking out lately with the likes of Johnny Depp and Taylor Momsen, announced that he is engaged to now fiancé Seraphim Ward after just five weeks of dating.

Seraphim has recently made a life commitment to her partner and couldn't be happier! Ward's manager, Jonathan Shelton, told E! News.

Ward, a 27-year-old self-described independent occult filmmaker, and Manson, real name Brian Warner, began dating about five weeks ago and bonded fast, according to a source quoted in Life & Style.

On Saturday, Seraphim Ward tweeted a photo of the engagement ring with the caption OMG! According to Life & Style, the ring is a family heirloom from Manson's grandmother.

Marilyn proposed with a family ring, a source told Life & Style of the ring. I think it was his grandmother's. It's Celtic, and Seraphim says it has a magical bonding to the receiver.

That is the ring she was given, which holds very special meaning to both parties, Shelton told E! News.

Ward tweeted about the engagement again on Monday, writing, I am still speechless and in shock!

Manson divorced Dita Von Teese in 2007 after one year of marriage and has been engaged to Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood.

However, Ward's publicist said the two do not have immediate wedding plans as Ward is currently working on her acting career.

Seraphim is in a committed relationship and is over the moon about what her bright future holds with her partner, Shelton said.

Seraphim Ward will make her first film debut in Speed Dragon with Bai Ling and Ron Jeremy this year while Manson will release a new album, Born Villain, later this month.

According to her bio on her official website, Seraphim Ward was born to a French Creole family and had a childhood fraught with demons and darkness, but instead of succumbing to the perils that surrounded her, Seraphim used her pain to create art. Ward had a career in music under the name Sariah Bishop and collaborated with the likes of Industrial Goth Outfits, Godhead, Kidney Thieves and Julian Beeston (Nitzer Ebb). Ward has dated Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails who has remained a mentor of light in the path of Seraphim after their breakup.

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