On this week’s episode of “MasterChef,” only six contestants remain. The home cooks will be grouped into two teams, and as suggested by the episode title “The Restaurant Takeover,” the contestants will be taking over a top Los Angeles restaurant. The losing team will be facing the dreaded pressure test and one cook will be eliminated.

According to the episode synopsis shared by TV Guide, the teams will take over dinner service at a top L.A. restaurant. Each team will be preparing two appetizers and two entrees for the dining guests.

Derrick will be heading the blue team as seen in a twitter post by the official “MasterChef” account. He earned the privilege after winning last week's tag team challenge with Stephen. Christian Post shared that he will be joined by Katrina and Hetal in the blue team. The red team will then be headed by Derrick's former partner Stephen. His team will be completed by Nick and Claudia.

In the episode promo aired at the end of the last episode, Gordon Ramsay could be seen expediting in the restaurant kitchen. Both teams appear to struggle as Gordon screams at them to step it up. Gordon is clearly frustrated as the contestants are unable to produce their dishes on time. Meanwhile, Christina Tosi is seen apologizing to the waiting guests.

It is unclear which team will end up in the pressure test, which the synopsis states, will involve pasta. The contestants will be asked to make three different pasta dishes for the three judges. The “MasterChef” judges this season are Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi.

“MasterChef US" Season 6, episode 16 titled “The Restaurant Takeover” will air on Wednessday, Aug. 26 at 8:00 pm on FOX.