“Masters Of Sex” Season 2 Episode 4 had plenty of storylines this week (unlike last week’s Bill and Virginia centric episode): Betty revealed her infertility, Bill was fired again and Virginia and Bill’s professional affair was discovered. Yet the show’s dialogue is what really made the episode interesting. Check out the lines that raised our eyebrows:

“Under current occupation, you wrote ‘Mistress,’” Bill says in Virginia’s dream. Clearly, Virginia doesn’t feel like this is a job anymore, especially since she isn’t doing any of the research with Bill.  

“I’m keeping you from being perceived as a man that only thinks with his cock, not with his head,” Dr. Greathouse tells Bill. The doctor didn’t bring up hiring Johnson to the board because he thinks Virginia is just a pretty face. He doesn’t understand how someone without a degree or proper training could actually be assisting Bill.

“There is a fence around Bill Masters. Nobody gets through that. No one comes close. But Virginia just waltzed right through,” Austin says. He sees Bill and Virginia at the hotel together and confronts Mrs. Johnson at work. Despite a smooth alibi from Virginia, Austin has had enough affairs to know one when he sees one.

“I think it’s only right that you dispose of [the sperm sample], Betty,” Bill says. Betty forces Bill to collect a sperm sample from Gene, but Dr. Masters refuses to tell Gene that he is infertile. He finally coerces Betty to tell Gene that she can’t have kids and asks her to dispose of the cup of sperm sitting on his desk.  

“They often don’t come out the other side the same way they went in,” Dr. Masters tells Dr. Greathouse of male researchers watching homosexual encounters for the study. Bill doesn’t want any other doctors watching his study participants, especially when their intentions are far from professional. Unfortunately, this doesn’t keep Greathouse away. After punching Greathouse, Bill leaves the hospital.

“I didn’t go into medicine to see my name on a study Virginia,” Dr. Depaul says. Lillian Depaul gives her study away to Dr. Papanicolaou. Even though he doesn’t remember her, she realizes that Virginia will follow Bill. Virginia won’t be able to continue Dr. Depaul’s work once her cancer consumes her. She doesn't care that her name won't be on the work. She just wants women to have access to the Pap smear. 

“I never thought you were a good Christian girl. I just thought you were the love of my life,” Gene tells Betty. Gene knows that Betty was a hooker. He was a client. When he ran into her at church, he thought they were meant to be. He didn’t need her to lie to him about anything. He always knew about her past and he is angry that she hid her infertility from him.

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