“Masters of Sex” will introduce Bill to his new job at the hospital in Season 2 episode 2, titled "Kyrie Eleison." It might be a difficult transition for the obstetrician. Find out how he’s dealing with the change and get your first look at "Breaking Bad" actress Betsy Brandt as Bill's new secretary in the preview clips below.

Sneak Peek 1

Virginia and Bill are continuing to meet at a hotel to continue their study (which is absolutely not an affair). They sit down in the hotel bar to discuss Virginia’s attempts to get the files from their study. The research has been locked in the basement, and Virginia can’t seem to track down Barton for permission to go down there. Bill notes he hasn't been able to reach him lately either. It seems the characters still don't know about Barton's attempted suicide from last season. 

The research assistant also wants to be a professional. She tells Bill she needs ample time to let Dr. DePaul know of her departure. Bill tells her she doesn’t need to worry about that because she isn’t coming. 

"Doug Greathouse feels he stuck his neck out far enough with the study," the obstetrician says. "So it may not be possible for you to come over to Memorial for a while."

It’s hard to explain that an ex-nightclub singer is qualified to be a research assistant. Virginia is insulted that she might not be finishing the study.

“My name is on that study,” she says.

Bill knows this and wants her there, but he can’t make any guarantees.

Sneak Peek 2

Betty is back, and she isn’t leaving Dr. Masters alone. She is forcing Bill to give her fertility treatments despite the fact that they both know she cannot have children. Betty asks if she should call the treatments a fancier name.

“What could be more fancy than the fact that you’re sterile and engaging in fertility treatments?” Bill asks.

Bill wants to refuse her, but Betty’s husband got him his job. Betty reminds him that without Gene’s check to the hospital, Bill would be conducting his study in a brothel.

Dr. Masters and Betty go to his office and meet Barbara Sanderson, his new secretary. She’s perky, but as viewers witnessed in Season 1, Bill does not like his secretaries to be that perky. He's clearly far from thrilled.

Bill tries to make Betty wait outside of his office for her treatments, but Betty plops down right next to the window and states that she’ll be waiting there.

“Masters of Sex” Season 2 episode 2 will air on Sunday, July 20, at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.