NBC’s lead anchor on the “Today” show Matt Lauer is reportedly taking a lot of heat from the public after allegedly being the reason why Ann Curry got fired.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Lauer was getting “yelled at” and “screamed at” by people on the street.

The public has reportedly shouted things like "You're a bad guy," and "You got Ann fired. Does that make you happy?"

The website added that Lauer feels “miserable” and “freaked out” due to the heckling the anchor has been receiving on the streets.  

In addition to being harassed about getting Curry kicked off the show, Lauer has been receiving sarcastic comments about his multi-million dollar salary, which is believed to be around $25 million.

"Matt is the franchise, and our franchise player has decided to keep leading our team,” NBC News president Steve Capus told the New York Times in April after Lauer signed a new contract.

But even all that money doesn’t seem to be making Lauer feel better.

"It's driving him crazy," one network source allegedly said, regarding the criticism he’s faced in the wake of Curry leaving “Today.” "He's so unhappy."

Lauer has been at the center of the Ann Curry controversy ever since she was kicked off the “Today” show in June.

As a result, his popularity has taken a hit with network officials, who have had to maintain that it was not Lauer’s decision to have Curry booted from the show.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported that NBC is begging Lauer to take a public lunch with Curry so everyone can see the two are friends. The network is hoping a reconciliation between the former co-anchors with help Lauer’s popularity.