Move over, Chicken McNuggets. McDonald’s chicken wings are being tested in select outlets across America. McDonald’s is calling them Mighty Wings and has been testing them in a regional trial that is set to expand.

McDonald’s chicken wings were first tested in Atlanta but can now be purchased at more than 500 of the fast food giant’s restaurants across Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune. McDonald’s has not yet announced plans to further test the Mighty Wings outside of the Chicago area.

According to The Associated Press, McDonald’s chicken wings tested well in Atlanta. McDonald’s plans on selling the Mighty Wings in three-, five- and 10-piece options that could start at $3, according to Lynne Collier, an analyst with Sterne Agee who discussed McDonald’s latest food venture with the AP.

Don’t expect to find McDonald’s chicken wings on menus nationwide just yet. The Mighty Wings are still being tested, and a strategy will need to be in place before the wings can be rolled out to the 14,000 McDonald’s across America, notes AP. In addition to that, chicken prices may also limit the market for Mighty Wings.

AP notes that chicken prices have been steadily increasing and adding Mighty Wings to the menu may not be profitable for McDonald’s. David Harvey, an agricultural economist, notes that chicken wings sold for a wholesale price of $1.90 a pound compared to $1.30 a pound for boneless, skinless chicken breasts in December.

Mighty Wings might not be a permanent fixture on McDonald’s menus but could be a limited time offer, much like the McRib or Chicken McBites. According to the AP, McDonald’s is looking at new items to revamp the menu amid increasing competition from fast food rivals.

According to AP, Wendy’s and Burger King have unveiled new menu options and have made attempts to improve their image while McDonald’s is also being challenged by companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and Panera Bread Co. The Chicago Tribune notes that McDonald’s saw its first drop in same-store sales in nine years in October, although sales improved in November.

McDonald’s did not announce the full list of participating restaurants, but a zoom-in at Google Maps reveals more than 700 McDonald’s in the Chicago area. If you are feeling lucky and want to try McDonald’s take on the chicken wing, call a nearby restaurant ahead of time.