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  • Beer Pong Rules! 8 Variations for the Classic Drinking Game

    February 17 2012 6:07 PM EST

    The launch of a new brew called Pong Beer may be proof that Beer Pong, also known as Beirut, is American’s favorite drinking game. Played across the country, the specifics of the game differ from state to state and campus to campus, but there are some rules that everyone can agree on.

  • Beer Pong Beer: 3 Things to Know About the New Brew

    February 16 2012 3:47 PM EST

    Long gone are the days where you'll have to reach for the Keystone to fill your red Solo cups. Pong Beer is the latest beer to satisfy all your beer pong needs...its name practically says it. Here are three things to know about this sport inspired beverage.

  • Pinot Noir
    Drinkers of fake Pinot Noir get a break from sour grapes

    January 18 2012 9:42 AM EST

    Looks like E&J Gallo wines and Constellation Brands Inc, which produces Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, will be buying more than a round this spring for lot of wine drinkers.

  • Wine websites get mixed reviews

    January 17 2012 12:56 PM EST

    Just as Amazon revolutionized the way books are sold and Groupon has conditioned shoppers to expect daily deals on services and foods, a cluster of websites have upended the stodgy world of wine.

  • French Cognac Sales Reach Record High Aided by China Exports

    January 16 2012 2:02 AM EST

    Global sales of Cognac, a variety of brandy has reportedly reached record levels last year owing to the increased level of exports to China, the BNIC French producers association mentioned.

  • Virginia Wine Tourism to Boom in 2012

    January 06 2012 5:18 PM EST

    Virginia is the Old Dominion and the Mother of Presidents - a state known for its historic battlefields, rolling hills, and politically-minded Washington commuters. But in the last two decades, the state has grown a reputation for something altogether different: fine wine.

  • Kanye West
    Sweet, sparkly Moscato pops with celebrity props

    January 04 2012 9:24 AM EST

    Hip-hop artists sing about it, a famous housewife sells it and the wine world is abuzz about Moscato, a sweet, lightly fizzy drink that is the biggest thing to hit the wine business since White Zinfandel.

  • Champagne
    Champagne resists crisis in 2011, outlook prudent

    January 03 2012 9:02 AM EST

    French champagne sales managed to weather the economic crisis in 2011, expecting to show 3.5 percent growth thanks to exports to the United States and emerging countries, but a slowdown is in sight, the champagne trade association said on Monday.

  • Champagne
    Cheap, Tasty Champagnes for a New Year's Eve Party

    December 26 2011 6:05 PM EST

    Cheap, tasty champagne is one of the essentials of any New Year's Eve party, but selecting from the litany of bottles bearing words like brut and dry is often like rolling the dice.

  • St. Barts: A Foodie’s Paradise

    December 23 2011 1:16 PM EST

    St. Barts may be eight square miles of arid, volcanic rock, but this small Caribbean hideaway is home to over 60 restaurants.

  • Wine
    Wine lovers to profit from falling prices

    December 21 2011 9:38 AM EST

    Think of wine critic Robert Parker as the E.F. Hutton of fermented grapes. When he talks, oenophiles listen.

  • Glass of wine and book
    Italian Winemakers, Booksellers Team Up for Reading Effort

    December 14 2011 2:19 PM EST

    A book with wine is mighty fine.

  • DRC Romanee Conti 55-Bottle 'Superlot' Auctioned at Record-Breaking Price

    December 13 2011 4:29 AM EST

    A Superlot comprising 55 bottles of 1952 vintage wine from DRC Romanee Conti was sold at a staggering price of $813,333 to a Chinese collector thereby setting new auction records.

  • A photograph of a computer screen showing the website eBay is shown here in Encinitas, California
    Online Spending Stays Strong in Early December

    December 11 2011 3:56 PM EST

    Online spending remained strong in early December, a period that usually marks a lull in the U.S. holiday shopping frenzy, comScore said on Sunday.

  • Orange Wine: What Every Wine Geek’s Talking About

    December 07 2011 5:37 PM EST

    There's a surprising new trend in the underground wine world: Orange wine!

  • MmmHop IPA? Hanson Brothers MmmBop the Beer World

    December 02 2011 10:21 AM EST

    The Hanson brothers will sell their own beer in 2012 - and they're not joking: MmmHop IPA, anyone?”

  • Wine
    Chinese buyer outbids most for wines of Alain Delon

    November 29 2011 11:06 AM EST

    French film and stage actor Alain Delon sold a thousand bottles of his wine collection on Saturday with a big Chinese buyer pushing the auction results well above pre-sale estimates.

  • How Sauvignon Blanc Saved a Nation

    November 28 2011 12:52 PM EST

    As European trade agreements devastated New Zealand’s economy in the 1970s, one French grape varietal stepped in to save the day.

  • Best Beer Options for Thanksgiving: That Perfect Flavor and Kick to Set the Festive Mood
    Thanksgiving 2011: Best Beer Options to Kick Start the Festive Mood

    November 23 2011 4:43 AM EST

    Best Beer Options for Thanksgiving: That Perfect Flavor and Kick to Set the Festive Mood

  • Burgundy Wine
    Burgundy auctions casks of wine for good causes

    November 22 2011 10:14 AM EST

    Celebrities, business people and the wealthy bid for casks of fine wine in the world's biggest annual charity auction at the Hospices de Beaune this weekend in an annual ritual for Burgundy winemakers that stretches back more than one-and-a-half centuries.