Twenty-year-old Juan Pablo Vazquez is believed to have murdered at least 79 people. That’s right, at least, and CNN wrote that authorities aren’t even that “shocked” by it. Vazquez is accused of killing rivals in Monterrey, Mexico-- along with a policeman, a stripper and other innocent bystanders.

Reuters added he was nabbed in northern Mexico this month and is being investigated after he admitted to 45 murders, but police think he is involved in another 34 killings, which other cartel members have connected him to. Authorities think most of the murders took place in 2012.

Vazquez is reportedly a member of the Gulf drug cartel in Monterrey, which fights with the Zetas cartel for profitable trafficking routes to the United States.

An average of 108 people was killed per month in the state of Nuveo Leon since 2010. So a 20-year-old being linked to 79 murders isn’t that surprising to officers in that area. In fact, Vazquez is not the youngest, not the most ruthless or most prolific killer police have encountered, CNN added. Monterrey, which is the capital, has a reported 223 homicides this year alone.

"We are witnessing a very severe crisis because of the war between cartels," a Mexican official said at a press conference. Though Vazquez was caught on Oct. 8, the arrest was not made public until Thursday.

Vasquez was arrested with a woman, Nancy Ortiz. The pair reportedly sold drugs together was was caught with 22 packets of cocaine and 35 baggies of weed, CNN said.

Reuters added that Mexico had suffered with drug-related violence, with nearly 1,000 a month dying in cartel killings. The news site continued that about 80,000 people died since 2007 because of gangland related violence.

In the beginning of Oct., Francisco Rafael Arellano, a former notorious leader of a different cartel was murdered by a clown, Reuters wrote.