Football season is synonymous with its unique fans. There are the traditional football fans that go to the games once in a while, but mainly watch from the comfort of their couch. There are the hardcore, superstitious fans that will go to any lengths to see their team win. Then there are the die-hards; the fans that attend every game, know every statistic, own every piece of memorabilia and, at times, even dip themselves in body paint that matches their favorite team.

Every once in a while, you can come across an unconventional fan that warms your heart and restores your faith in the game. This time around, that fans name is Kalee Buetow, an adorable three year old girl who knows everything there is to know about her favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks.

At the tender age of three, Kalee can name you all of the wide receivers, most of the players, the coach, and just about anything thing else related to the Seahawks. This pint sized expert knows all of the players’ stats, numbers and positions, all while sounding adorable. 

Check out the video: