The typical college experience for some includes excessive drinking, but for Magan Helal, 19, binge drinking at a Baylor frat was fatal. The Navarro College student died after downing 10 to 17 drinks within a few hours and her Texas parents are now suing the fraternity and the bar that hosted the event.

While some teens would only suffer a massive hangover the next morning, Helal was discovered dead on the floor of her boyfriend's apartment. She had suffered arrhythmia and her heart stopped. 

The underage volleyball player was visiting her boyfriend at Baylor University in March of 2010 when she attended a Sigma Chi party and went to Mynar's Bar. Her parents believe that the those who served her drinks are liable for her death, this includes her boyfriend. According to Linda Turley, the family's attorney, the bar's law breaking actions played an enormous hand in the young woman's death. 

Clearly the bar didn't monitor what was going on inside. They didn't know who the liquor was being served to. They just kept track of how much they served. In addition, they allowed the fraternity to set up bottle service in a little room where the drinking was going on.

It is unclear what type of compensation Helal's family is seeking.