We all know than Meghan Trainor ditched her sweet, girl-next-door image when she kissed singer Charlie Puth in the music video of his song “Marvin Gaye.” But we didn't know that, after Trainor shared a very long kiss with Puth on the sets of the video, the clip has now been leaked.

Trainor uploaded the clip of her long, passionate kiss with Puth on her Instagram profile, and the singer can be heard laughing in the background. Though the video of “Marvin Gaye” shows the two singers getting in the mood to kiss, the lengthy kiss is not included in it. The “All About That Bass” singer kisses Puth by holding his face in her hands. As the two end their kiss, Trainor can be seen smiling shyly.

While their kiss may look intimate on screen, Puth and Trainor had to go through the process many times during the shoot. Trainor was also embarrassed about the presence of Puth's parents on the set of the music video shoot.

“There were, like, 40 people there and his parents were in the green room -- and so we had to make out a bunch of times,” Trainor told MTV in a previous interview. “Everyone was cheering because I was so good at it, and we went back to the green room and I was like, 'What’s up Mom and Dad?’ So awkward.”

However, Puth, who is also accompanying Trainor on her M Train tour, was happy to get all puckered-up with Trainor. “The word 'awkward’ never came to mind because Meghan’s a very good kisser, so I knew it wouldn’t be any problem there or anything like that,” Puth told MTV. He did not have any problems kissing Trainor in front of her parents, even if it meant that they had to endure five takes for that one particular shot.

“Marvin Gaye” is the first single from Puth's debut EP, "Some Type of Love." He is better known for his tune "See You Again," for which he teamed with Wiz Khalifa on the "Furious 7" soundtrack.