Melissa Gilbert, the former child star, ex-president of the Screen Actors Guild, writer, producer and director, will be appearing on television once again in this season's Dancing with the Stars. For the duration of her appearance on the show, she will be partnered with fan favorite and professional dancer, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

In a recent article, Gilbert took the time to tell fans what it was like meeting Chmerkovskiy and her experience so far working on the Dancing with the Stars.

My lord, was I ever nervous!, wrote Gilbert in People. It was like a blind date, prom and opening night all rolled into one.

On the show, Chmerkovskiy is known for being tough with his partners. Gilbert acknowledged this saying the she heard all the stories and that he's mean; he makes his partners cry.

But she still hoped the producers of the show would pair her with him.

I wished for Maks because I knew deep down that he would push me --  body, mind and soul -- to places I've never been, she said, in People.

Gilbert said that she is very impressed with Chmerkovskiy. She said that he is an an extraordinary teacher. He's a magnificent dancer. He's a strong and powerful partner and he's proving to be an incredible friend.

However, she does the say the friendship can be difficult at times.

Most of the time, he leads (which frustrates the hell out of me, as I am a total type-A personality), wrote Gilbert. Sometimes, I counsel and caution. All of the time, we laugh ... a lot. He's like a bad brother.

But she is very excited to be on the show and hopes Chmerkovskiy is ready for her, week after week.

So Maks, if you're reading this, it's time for you to strap on your seatbelt, because here I come!, wrote Gilbert.

On the premiere of the show, Gilbert said she wanted to take part in Dancing with the Stars after a rough couple of years, which included a divorce and a broken back.

As her performance began, Gilbert and Chmerkovskiy danced to Aint' No Mountain High Enough. The two appeared in darker clothing, an odd choice for such an upbeat musical jam. Some critics even said they appeared gothic.

The pair earned two sevens and six from the judges for a total score of 20 points. This ties them for last place with two other couples, while they trail behind the tied-for-first leaders, Jaleel White and partner Kym Johnson and Katherine Jenkins and partner Mark Ballas.