Actress Melissa Joan Hart and husband-musician, Mark Wilkerson, recently introduced their new baby to the world.

Tucker McFadden Wilkerson, born on Sept. 18, at eight pounds and five ounces, is the couple's third son.

Hart, who stars in the ABC sitcom, "Melissa & Joey," recently gave exclusive interviews to Us Weekly and OMG! from Yahoo, sharing the family’s first portraits since Tucker’s birth.

The photos were taken on Oct. 3 at their Westport, Conn., home as part of Hart's involvement with the "Once Upon a Birth" campaign, which aims to raise awareness about maternal mortality.

“I’m surrounded by four handsome men!” said Hart, 36, who has two other sons, Mason, 6, and Brady, 4.

Hart spoke of how her 35-year-old husband has increased his involvement with the birth of their children. She said he has gone from not wanting to cut the umbilical cord when their first son, Mason, was born, to partially delivering their second son, Brady, to completely delivering Tucker “from head to toe.”

"I didn't even realize it was happening really. He told me the next day," she said.

Hart said her two older sons have been extremely attentive to their baby brother.

"The boys have been such a help. They're so desperate to feed him a bottle, carry him, or push him in the stroller," she told OMG!

Hart calls the one-month old child, whom she says resembles her husband, a “very hairy boy.”

"He has a huge head of hair, which is very dark. In the hospital nursery, the night he was born, they combed it into a Mohawk. It stands up off his head about an inch and a half. It's so much of his personality," she said.

Hart said she is enjoying not being pregnant anymore; however, the mom, who is herself the oldest of eight siblings, said in September that she would really like to have four kids.