Summer is unofficially upon us. Monday is Memorial Day, which means there will be parties all weekend to help kick off the summer. A couple of drinks can help any party get off the ground.  Check out the four fun party games that involve drinking below -- and if you're going to play these games, remember to do so responsibly. 

Heads up: This one is simple enough. "Heads Up" is a wildly fun app, put out by The Ellen Show, that is a combination of celebrity and charades. You get to act out celebrities or do silly accents -- which only becomes funnier as the party goes along. The game is available at app stores and costs at most $0.99. Here's a video of the game being played by Ellen DeGeneres with Alison Sweeney.

To make this a drinking game, simply sip your drink when you fail one of the challenges. It's a fun communal game that is sure to get excitement going.

Beer pong: This game is one of the favorites across the country. It's simple enough. There's two teams standing across from each other at opposite ends of a long table .You line up cups -- filled with a small amount of beer -- in triangle shapes across from one another on the table and attempt to toss a ping pong ball into the cups. If you land a ball in the cup, a person from the other team drinks the beer from that cup. The cup is removed from the table and the game goes until one team removes all of the other team's drinks. For a detailed explanation of the game, complete with rules and animated pictures, go here.

Cornhole: Cornhole is a classic summertime game. The alcoholic version is just like the normal version except after each round, players must drink for each point that is scored on them. For example, if the red team scores 2 points against the blue, the players on the blue team will consume two drinks. The losing team must either shotgun a beer, chug, or bong a beer using a beer bong.

Family BBQ: This game from College Candy can be played alone and involves making the most out of your family gathering. The rules are simple. Take a shot every time someone asks you about your love life. Take a double shot every time someone asks about your future, as in when are you getting a promotion. Take a Kamikaze shot every time an older relative mentions his time in World War II.