Mexico's state owned oil and gas company Pemex said Thursday it is still running various operations despite a federal government call to suspend all non essential economic activities to avoid the spread of the swine flu virus.

Pemex is continuing to operate facilities which include its distribution, storage, offshore terminals and terminal facilities, the company said in a released statement.

Yesterday the United Nations public health agency raised its global pandemic alert from phase 4 to phase 5 meaning that the swine flu virus has caused outbreaks at least in two countries, the U.S. and Mexico.

Pemex will continue its operations as usual until May 5, “observing the presidential instruction to guarantee supplies of automobile fuels, L.P. and natural gas, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The company is being cautious to keep communications active with health authorities, however. The company it is taking preventive measures, including observing workers laboring in the platforms.

Mexico is the second largest supplier of oil to the U.S. In 2009, the U.S. imported 1.299 million barrels per day on January and 1.219 million bpd in February, according to the Energy Information Administration.