Ronan Farrow’s parentage might possibly be the least interesting thing about him. At 25, the Rhodes Scholar and rising political wunderkind has a résumé of accomplishments that could rival far more senior members of the industry not to mention that of both of his prolific parents, Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Or maybe not.

After years of dodging the question, Farrow acknowledged, in an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair published on Wednesday, that Ronan might not actually be Woody Allen’s biological son after all. When asked about her whirlwind romance with Frank Sinatra, whom she married in 1966 when she was 21 and he was 50, Farrow admitted that he was her great love, and that they “never really split up,” even after she became involved with Woody Allen.

According to an online teaser for the interview, “when asked point-blank if Ronan Farrow may actually be the son of Frank Sinatra, Farrow answers, ‘Possibly.’ No DNA tests have been done.”

The revelation wasn’t the only bombshell in the article. Farrow’s daughter Dylan, who played a central part in the vicious custody battle between Allen and Farrow in 1993, spoke publicly for the first time about allegations that Woody Allen molested her as a child.

“There’s a lot I don’t remember, but what happened in the attic I remember. I remember what I was wearing and what I wasn’t wearing,” she said. At the time, she says that she thought perhaps “this was how fathers treated their daughters. This was normal interaction, and I was not normal for feeling uncomfortable about it.”

She still finds her fear of Allen “crippling” and will not utter his name. But in retrospect, she says she wishes she had testified in court. “If I could talk to the 7-year-old Dylan, I would tell her to be brave, to testify,” she told Orth.

But her account of that sexual abuse has been largely overshadowed by media reactions to her brother’s apparently undetermined paternity. That’s not completely surprising given his burgeoning celebrity status.

At 11, Ronan enrolled in an early college entrance program and four years later became Bard College’s youngest-ever graduate. That was the same year he was accepted into Yale Law School, an admission he deferred in order to work as an adviser to former U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke. He later followed up that role with an even more coveted position, as Hillary Clinton’s Global Youth adviser. When in 2009 he was appointed as an NGO liaison, a State Department official defended Farrow’s appointment despite his age, telling Politico that the then-21-year-old was not only a “true activist for Darfur” but “a friggin’ genius.”

But most geniuses don’t have 100,000 Twitter followers. Ronan, on the other hand, has already begun to demonstrate some celebrity appeal: He’s captured in photos not only smiling next to Hillary Clinton, but partying with Katy Perry or standing with an arm dangling around Selena Gomez. That charm may in part explain reports that followed immediately after Mia Farrow’s interview -- that he would be hosting a show on MSNBC. According to the Hollywood Reporter, multiple sources confirmed that Farrow was in serious discussions to join the news network on their weekend lineup.

Ronan, for his part, has not commented on the MSNBC report but did reply to the Sinatra rumors, with characteristic humor.