Michael Jackson’s autopsy report was revealed in detail on Tuesday by The Sun newspaper. The following are the leaked autopsy details of the King of Pop:

Hair &Face

Virtually bald- and wearing wig when he died. Face was a mass of plastic surgery scars. Bridge to nose had vanished and right side had caved in.

Ribs & Chest

Several ribs broken as rescuers pumped chest in bid to revive him. Four injection sites, said to be from adrenaline jabs aimed at the heart.


Only partially-dissolved pills were found in the singer's stomach. Michael Jackson was said to be 'severely emaciated' and ate just one meagre meal a day.


Pathologist's scales showed Jackson weighed a shocking 8st 1oz--which is massively below the ideal bodyweight for a man of 5ft 10 in.

Skin & Scars

Scars reflected at least 13 cosmetic operations. But recent skin cancer surgery to Jackson’s chest had worked and the wound was free of infection.

Legs & Body

Unexplained bruises are both on his knees and shins. Bruises and mild outs to his back indicate a recent fall. Injection marks over much of body. His hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds.

Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray, allegedly gave him an anesthetic drug to help him sleep just after midnight on the day he died, resulting in cardiac arrest, according to the Associated Press.

Michael Jackson is reported to have depended on the drug for the past two years.