Eugenio Beaufrand was newly appointed as the chief operating officer of Microsoft Greater China Region(MGCR),the software giant announced earlier this week.

In this new role, Beaufrand will oversee all sales, marketing, and services operations, focusing on driving customer and partner satisfaction, as well as providing executive sponsorship for Microsoft’s major accounts in the market.

Beaufrand will report to Zhang Yaqin, the CEO of MGCR.

The event marks the first time the company has ever had a chief operating officer post in the Greater China region.

According to industry experts, this is the reply to management structure after Chen Yongzheng’s departure, who became CEO of MGCR in 2003, and left in September of this year. At that time, Microsoft said they will initiate a worldwide search for an appropriate president for to hear its China operations, and the search would take time.

The newly appointed chief operating officer Beaufrand has been at Microsoft for 23 years, He was responsible for Microsoft's business in the Latin American region as vice president. Before serving in the Latin American region, Beaufrand Australian company responsible for the South American company Microsoft's vice president of operations.