The company's nearly 30-year-old Flight Simulator series Game Studio has come to an end Microsoft said.

On Friday, Microsoft representative confirmed that ACES Studios, the developer of the Flight Simulator series of games, whose latest incarnation is Flight Simulator X, will be shut down but added that the company remains committed to the Flight Simulator franchise.

We can confirm the closing of ACES Studios, which was responsible for the Flight Simulator franchise, Microsoft spokeswoman Kelda Rericha said in a statement.

Rericha added that the changes were part of Microsoft's [Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business unit] (IEB) strategy to manipulate assets. Following our annual strategy review process, IEB is making adjustments within our business to align our people against our highest priorities.

The closure of ACES Studios was one of those specific changes, She continued

The simulation is considered Microsoft's oldest product, whose original version first shipped in 1982.

Though she could not provide specific details for the meantime, she promised that the company continue to support live experience games for windows, You should expect us to continue to invest in enabling great Live experiences on Windows, including flying games, but we have nothing specific to announce at this time.

In addition, Rumors says that about 30 percent of the company's video game testers have been cut. The game group is expected to undergo a management restructuring next week. Microsoft declined to comment on those moves. Some say that information wasn't accurate, while others say it was.