Mike Duvall, a California Republican Lawmaker was caught by an open microphone in a Capitol hearing room, commenting about sexual affairs allegedly with a woman 19 years his junior. Media speculates is a female lobbyist.

The video was published by CBSNews on Thursday with a full transcript of Duvall's flirty talk with another member at the hearing room.  Duvall also talks about a second woman he is not finished with yet, according to the video.

So I am getting into spanking her... Yeah, I like it... I like spanking her. She goes, I know you like spanking me, I said yeah, that's 'cause you're such a bad girl, Duvall says on the tape and then starts laughing.

The video caused a media buzz since it was aired by CBS News affiliate KCAL 9- TV. Duvall resigned on Wednesday but he said his decision to step down was in no way an admission that I had an affair or affairs, according to the Associated Press.