A Minnesota hospital is apologizing for mishandling a stillborn baby’s body, which was found in linens it returned for laundry service.

Region Hospital in St. Paul said in a statement that it mishandled the remains of the baby, who was stillborn at 22 weeks, reports the Pioneer Press. The remains were wrapped in linens and were in the hospital’s morgue before being accidently sent to a commercial laundry service, Crothall Laundry in Red Wing, Minn., on Tuesday, reports the publication.

Upon discovering the remains of the baby in the hospital’s linens, employees of Crothall Laundry called Regions Hospital and Red Wing police. According to the Republican Eagle of Red Wing, the laundry service’s staff had found the remains early Tuesday morning.

Officials from Region Hospital said they picked up the remains immediately after being notified and were in contact with the baby’s family, offering their apologies for the error.

Chris Boese, chief nursing officer at Region, said, “This was a terrible mistake, and we are deeply sorry. We have processes in place that should have prevented this but did not. We are working to identify the gap in our system and to make sure this does not happen again.”

Red Wing police investigated the matter and reported the incident to St. Paul police while Region Hospital is working with the local police departments as well as the Minnesota Department of Health and the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office, notes the Pioneer Press. The remains will be examined by the medical examiner’s office and the hospital is offering counseling services to the staff of Crothall Laundry, notes the Associated Press.