A minor, 4.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Greater Los Angeles area, on Thursday afternoon.

The not so dangerous quake shook Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley at around 1:47 p.m., with a magnitude of 4.3 and depth approximately 4.5, according to the U.S Geological Survey data. The shaking went on for almost 10 seconds.

However, no immediate earthquake damage reports have come in after the quake, but two aftershocks were recorded within two hours after the first one. Residents fear massive damage in case a bigger quake hits the tremor-prone areas. 

Seismologists described it as the largest quake to hit the area since a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Chino Hills last year, as per The New York times report.

The epicenter of the first quake was in Los Angeles, National Forest, north of Sylmar and east of Santa Clarita. It was felt in Woodland Hills, Santa Monica and downtown L.A., The Los Angeles Times reports.