After splitting up from Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert was rumored to have been planning to adopt a child. But, Lambert does not want to be a mother anytime soon, Gossip Cop reported Friday, debunking the rumor.

Radar Online reported Friday, citing a source, that the country singer was “aching to be a mom” and she left Shelton because he did not want to start a family. The 32-year-old “wants to explore the process very seriously,” and is also considering carrying a baby herself, the entertainment website reported.

However, a source told Gossip Cop that Radar Online’s story was “all false.”

Recently, it was reported that Lambert and 39-year-old Shelton parted ways because Lambert did not want to have kids. A source told Hollywood Life that the two planned to have children but the “Little Red Wagon” singer was not able to keep her promise.

“It wasn’t like that was their only problem either. There was a lot more to it than just that. Blake played a part in their divorce just as much as Miranda,” a source reportedly said. “She [Miranda] doesn’t want to get into a mud-slinging contest so she’s not talking, but she has told friends, ‘Blake knows what he did wrong.'”

According to another recent report, Shelton and his new love Gwen Stefani were planning to move in together. “Living with each other is what is on Gwen’s mind right now,” a source told Hollywood Life. Stefani introduced Shelton to her friends Wednesday, according to the entertainment website. Moreover, the “Sangria” singer invited Stefani and her children to spend Thanksgiving with him.