Ayvani Hope Perez, the 14-year-old suburban Atlanta girl who was abducted from her home during a home invasion Tuesday morning, has been found alive, and two suspects are in custody, BreakingNews.com reports Wednesday afternoon. The news was just confirmed by the Clayton County, Ga., police.

In a press conference, police confirmed that Juan Alberto Contreras Rodriguez, 40, and Will Jackson, 29, were in custody. Contreras is being held on immigration charges, and Jackson is in custody for conspiracy to kidnap.

Police would not confirm if there was a previous relationship between the kidnappers and the Perez family. They also would not comment on a possible motive.

In an interesting twist, the two men being held are not the two men depicted in the police sketches that were circulated Tuesday. Those two suspects are still at large, police confirmed.

Ayvani is safe and has been reunited with her family.

On early Tuesday morning, two men pried open the back door of a family home in Ellenwood, just southeast of Atlanta, and demanded money and jewelry. The plan went awry, and they ended up shooting the family dog and kidnapping Ayvani.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, two suspects involved in the abduction contacted the Perez family on Tuesday, demanding $10,000 for her safe return. The family was reportedly able to speak with Ayvani over the phone while she was in captivity.

Her aunt, Suky Guerrero, told WSB-TV that the family was scrambling to come up with the money on Tuesday evening.

"At this time, the investigation is fluid and I am not at liberty to discuss all the pertinent information about the investigation," Clayton County Police Lt. Marc Richards said Wednesday.

Anybody with information about the two suspects in the sketches is encouraged to call the Clayton County Police Department at 678-610-4781, according to HLN.