The Missing case of Baby Lisa Irwin is obviously an ordeal for her parents and relatives, but it is troubling one more family in Kansas City.

A family in Overland Park has been harassed by many people and by the police since the disappearance of baby Lisa.

Amy and her husband David (their second names are withheld due to security reason) have been questioned many times about their 11-month-old daughter, Lucy. In fact, they've been accused of abducting Lisa, because their daughter resembles the missing baby.

Amy was surrounded by some women in a super market who checked Lucy's legs to see the birthmark Lisa has on her right thigh.

There are many families who have been asked to prove their relationship with their kids because of baby Lisa's case as out of the 1,419 leads received by Kansas City police, 422 are baby sightings. But no other family has been questioned as much as Amy and David were.

The incidents of Amy and David being questioned by people may increase with famous psychic, Carla Baron, saying that baby Lisa is alive and being loved.

I sense this child is alive. Those victims abducted, especially so young and precious, to still be alive after this length of time - it's very rare. But Baby Lisa is being loved, and cherished, nurtured, cared for ... this I do see. The couple loves her so. Yes, a serious crime has been committed here. Not saying this is right or fair for the family from which she was taken, Baron said Wednesday.

The harassment has reached a level where Amy and David think of dressing Lucy in boy cloths, and posting a note on their door saying: If this is about baby Lisa, contact Kansas City police.