The search for Lisa Irwin, a baby girl who was reported missing from her Kansas City home on Oct. 4, has picked up again, following a scale-down last week. Police are preparing to conduct searches in new areas.

One of the more recent developments in the case came in the form of alleged visions from Texas psychic Stephanie Almaguer.

According to reports, the Kansas City authorities are searching an abandoned casino, for the second time. Apparently, the psychic vision-inspired search led them to a well that will be searched for further clues.

Almaguer, in an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, described her visions vaguely, saying she had visions that Lisa was accidentally killed at her home and the body was dumped near a former casino, which was just a couple of miles from the Irwins' home.


Volunteer search near the grounds of the old Sam's Town Casino

In the visions the psychic claimed to have received, Lisa drowned in the family’s bathtub and her body was placed on the bedroom floor as attempts to revive the infant's lifeless body proved unsuccessful, a report in the Examiner stated. According to Almaguer, since the attempts to revive Lisa failed, her body was buried in a grave.

She's in a hole, and it was a hole that carried water, said Almaguer.


This is the area where a psychic said she thinks people will find Baby Lisa

Almaguer also claims to know the identity of the mystery man who was captured on the surveillance camera on Oct. 4, walking late at night holding a baby. She claims he was Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, carrying the child's body and looking for a spot to bury and hide it. But Almaguer did not reveal any motive behind the death and claims it might have been an accident.

The psychic's claims may be partially true, since the investigating team’s cadaver dog indicated a positive scent on the bedroom floor. However, those claims were made after the dog was reported to have found the scent.

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