As the Police continue to search for clues towards the whereabouts of missing baby Lisa Irwin, a family member told ABC News that she suspects the babies mother, Deborah Bradley, will be the first to get arrested.

Ashley Irwin, the aunt of the 10-month-old baby that has been missing from Kansas City for almost a week, has criticized that the police are spending too much time focusing on the family when they should be out looking for suspects. 

It's what the police do, Ashley Irwin said in an interview with ABC News. They don't have any leads so they just have to pin it on somebody,

Baby Lisa was last seen a week ago on Tuesday when her mother put her to bed. When the baby's father Jeremy Irwin returned from a late-shift at work at 4am that morning, he noticed the front door unlocked, the window wide open and his baby daughter missing along with three cell phones.

When asked if her brother or his wife Deborah Bradley could have had anything to do with the kidnapping, Ashley Irwin told ABC News that there was no way either of them were involved.

Anybody who spends any time with them, you know it's not true -- she's genuine -- she loves that child. It's her baby ... she would never anything to hurt her, she said.

Ashley Irwin explained that all Deborah Bradley cares about is finding her daughter and she has no concern what people are thinking or saying.

Police have been growing suspicious since Deborah Bradley failed a polygraph test and both parents stopped cooperating during the course of the investigation last week. The parents denied the accusations.

We just want to make sure that we tell everybody that we're still cooperating, Jeremy Irwin said on NBC's Today Show on Friday. We're still talking to the police. We're doing everything we can to try to find Lisa and bring her home.

Jeremy Irwin explained that he reached his boiling point during one of his interviews with the police last week, but he said he merely needed a break and never said he would stop cooperating with the investigation.  

While the police have gone into very few details about the status of the investigation, in a press conference on Friday Kansas City Police Capt., Steve Young, explained how important the input of the parents was.

They live in the house. They intimately have information about what's been going on. They know the child, he said.