Mister Rogers Neighborhood: Celebrate his birthday with these classic videos.

Beloved entertainer, educator, songwriter, author and minister Fred Rogers created and hosted the classic children's show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood for 33 years on PBS (1968-2001). Rogers' became an American icon thanks to his soft-spoken personality directness with his young audience. The show was generally lighthearted, with songs, special guests from the neighborhood (like postman Mr. McFeely) and visit to a puppet kingdom on a magical trolley that ran through the house, but Fred Rogers also used the show as a platform to help children cope with real problems, including divorce and death.

To celebrate Rogers' birthday, PBS aired a documentary titled Misters Rogers & Me. The film focuses on the friendship between Fred Rogers and MTV producer Benjamin Wagner, who were neighbors for one Nantucket summer. The biographical film will also be available on iTiunes and DVD.

Check out some of the best videos of Fred Roger's that YouTube has to offer, ranging from classic onscreen moments to behind the scenes footage and public appearances:

1) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood opening theme through the years montage:

2) Mister Rogers speaking to his viewers openly about divorce:

3) Behind the scenes of Mister Roger's Neighborhood:

4) Mr. Rogers visits the cows at a dairy farm:

5) Fred Rogers defends PBS to the US Senate in response to budget cuts proposed by President Nixon:

6) Mister Rogers learns to breakdance!

7) Fred Rogers accepts Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award: