They say two’s company and three’s a crowd -- but on the hit ABC series “Mistresses” a crowd is actually called a threesome. According to reports, that's exactly what fans of the scandalous drama should anticipate in Season 3, episode 4, titled, “Into The Woods.”

But what characters from the beloved series will partake in the steamy ménage à trois during the Season 3 installment? Well, it looks like Karen (Yunkin Kim) will find herself sandwiched between Vivian (Sonja Bennett) and Alec (Ed Quinn) in the upcoming episode, set to air Thursday, July 2.

Before the jaw-dropping storyline was revealed, both Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinburg, showrunners of “Mistresses,” teased to TVLine in June that Karen would one-up herself when it came to her bizarre choices in partners. (In Season 2 Karen made her rounds with random men after hooking up with a married one.)

“I will promise you… she will top it this season,” Steinberg said, only to have Mimoun bolster her statement that the mess in Karen’s life will escalate come the third installment.

“Yeah. We’ve taken risks this season,” Steinberg added.

But little did we know just how risqué those risks would be!

Sparks between Karen and the married couple will begin to fly during episode 4 -- but according to reports, it’s episode 5 when things start to get really steamy.

TV Guide revealed that fans shouldn’t expect this fiery relationship to extinguish after one night either! Apparently Karen will grow strong feelings for both Vivian and Alec as the show progresses.

"Throughout the season, it's really about the love between the two women [and] she's very confused by it," Kim explained to TV Guide. "She's someone who's never had an experience with a woman, and not just a woman but also [her husband]. So it's going to get messy and clunky... and it doesn't settle until the very last episode."

Kim added that she’s looking forward to seeing how people react to the love triangle. "It's a world that hasn't been explored much on a network show and [we've] been daring and open," she said. "After this season, I'm surprised by the stuff we've been able to show!"

“Mistresses” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.