In just a few days our favorite ABC series, “Mistresses,” will air its Season 3 premiere. And you can bet the forthcoming drama will come crashing down on the beloved trio just like the waves on their favorite beach.

Speaking of beaches, like the one Joss (Jes Macallan) was caught locking lips with Savi’s (Alyssa Milano) ex-husband in the Season 2 finale, the three friends were spotted reunited on the sandy shore in an alluring promo photo for the third installment. In the image, Joss, April (Rochelle Aytes) and Karen (Yunkin Jim) were dressed to the nines (per usual), each wearing a bright and colorful floral frock. But the cheery scene is mellowed out with Jennifer Esposito’s dark look, as her character Calista Raines sported a black number that flowed down to her ankles.

Esposito will be replacing Milano in the hit series, who announced she was leaving the ABC drama due to the change in filming location after the sophomore finale aired. Instead of “Mistresses” being filmed in Los Angeles (which is close to Milano’s family), the series decided to pack up and head to Vancouver for financial reasons.

Calista is described as “uber-fabulous,” which can be confirmed above. But according to reports, the upbeat newcomer will have a “devious” side, one that will end up getting Joss into trouble. See, Calista won’t just try to be Joss’ friend in Season 3, she’ll also attempt to become a “mentor and surrogate sister” to Savi’s sibling. But as the duo gets closer, Joss gets drawn “deeper and deeper into a world of secrets and betrayal.”

Season 3’s premiere, “Gone Girl,” will pick up just where the nail-biting finale left off, with Joss in the arms of Harry (Brett Tucker). But the bride-to-be will ditch her sand-covered lover when she learns “bad news” regarding the man she was supposed to say “I do” to. While Joss races to go be with Scott (Justin Hartley), Calista will make her debut. And according to the synopsis, the fashion designer will arrive “determined to get what she wants.”

Check out the new promo photos of the stars from "Mistresses" below:

Mistresses season 3 spoilers ABC released a new promo image from Season 3 of "Mistresses," starring Jes Macallan, Jennifer Esposito, Yunjin Kim and Rochelle Aytes. Photo: ABC

Mistresses Season 3 spoilers ABC’s “Mistresses” stars Rochelle Aytes as April Malloy. Photo: ABC

Mistresses Season 3 spoilers ABC’s “Mistresses” stars Jes Macallan as Josslyn (“Joss”) Carver. Photo: ABC

Mistresses Season 3 spoilers ABC’s “Mistresses” stars Yunjin Kim as Karen Kim. Photo: ABC


“Mistresses” will air its Season 3 premiere on Thursday, June 18, at 9 p.m. EDT.