As if the summer wasn’t hot enough, “Mistresses” decided to heat things up even more with the airing of the ABC series’ steamiest episode to date. Episode 5, titled “Threesomes,” finally gave audiences the love triangle they’ve been longing for -- and luckily for fans, it doesn’t look like the jaw-dropping ménage à trois between Karen (Yunjin Kim), Vivian (Sonja Bennett) and Alec (Ed Quinn) will be ending anytime soon!

In episode 5, Karen confesses to April (Rochelle Aytes) details on her scandalous night with the Adams. But as soon as she opens the sensual can of worms, Joss (Jes Macallan) and Calista (Jennifer Esposito) walk in.

“What’s going on?” Joss suspiciously asks when the silence becomes too awkward to handle.

That’s when April blurts out that Karen partook in the horizontal tango with the doctor and his wife.

“I told you he wanted to sleep with you!” Joss says, proud that she was able to read the signs.

However, Karen says the tri-lationship is “complicated” -- and sneaking out of her lovers' bed in the morning didn’t help simplify the situation at all.

But as it turns out, Karen wasn’t the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed from last night’s events. The following day, Vivian bravely gives Karen a phone call to invite her over to dinner, hoping a meal among friends will help the three of them hold a conversation regarding their rendezvous. But to Karen’s surprise, the potential discussion about their three-way relationship gets postponed when Alec unexpectedly invites his friend over -- for a double date!

But Vivian ends up kicking the fourth wheel out so that she, Karen and Alec can have a healthy conversation about their romance. Initially, Alec tries to brush off the wild night as no big deal, but the ladies admit to having felt a spark while in between the sheets. Eventually, the hulking doc comes around and shares his feelings with Karen during one of her marriage therapy classes. Cryptically, they both agree their three way is thrilling and going to continue.

Meanwhile, the other mistresses came face-to-face with their fair share of drama throughout the installment. Calista learns her conniving husband was scamming her, piggybacking off her success to start his own business. But Calista wasn’t the only one facing boy trouble in “Threesomes.” Joss and Harry (Brett Tucker) continuously butted heads throughout episode 5, which first began with the mysterious disappearing of Joss' text.

Joss suspects Niko (Emmanuelle Vaugier) of deleting her apology.

“I know you’re not into her. Although she’s obviously into you,” Joss says. But Harry is oblivious. Instead the duo kiss, makeup and plan their official first date.

But their night out goes awry when the discussion of Savi (Alyssa Milano) and Scott (Justin Harley) comes up. Joss had previously met up with Scott to give him back the engagement ring that’s been passed down in his family from generation to generation. It was while she was giving him back the heirlume did she learn Scott was going to give the band to his new fiancé -- his ex-girlfriend!

Scott’s rebound surprises Joss and she can’t help but share her confusion with Harry about how her former beau bounced back after just three weeks. And as you can imagine, this is a discussion Harry does not want to have. Nor did Harry want to divulge in the topic of moving in together. The cook was convinced Joss only wanted to share a home in order to prove to her sister that getting involved with him was worth it.

“I did want to move in together until you made it all about Savi,” Harry says. But Joss argues that Savi will always play a role in their relationship. After all, she did lose her big sis after getting caught rolling in the sand with Savi’s former husband.

The episode ends with Harry going to Joss’ house with one topic on his mind: breaking up.

“It shouldn’t be this hard,” he begins. “We have to end it now so there can be hope for us in the future. It’s too soon. We’re just not ready.”

Joss was in tears as Harry broke it off. But while one relationship ended on "Mistresses," another began. April and Blair (Brian White) proved their connection in the woods could thrive in the city during episode 5. But their romance didn’t come without hiccups. April was rambling on during their first date about sushi etiquette -- and revealing Mark (Rob Mayes), her dead husband’s mistresses’ son’s uncle, was living with her didn’t help with the tension. But Blair somehow found a way to look past April’s baggage and decided to ask Lucy’s (Corinne Massiah) mother out for a second date. But little does Blair know, he’s not the only one vying for April’s affection. It looks like Uncle Mark also has the hots for April -- and we don’t blame him! She's one hot mama.

“Mistresses” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.