“Mob Wives” star Drita Davanzo is grieving the loss of her friend and costar, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. Part of her mourning included not watching the new episode of “Mob Wives,” Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday.

"The last thing I care about is drama between the girls,” Davanzo told the publication. "I will watch it when I am ready, but right now I don't care." She added: "I could never watch the scene again when Ang told me she had cancer… That was so sad. It makes me cry." Davanzo said she will “obviously” watch it again, but for now “it’s a really hard time.”

The 40-year-old explained she was in the middle of “grieving” the loss of her longtime friend. She was “devastated” over her loss. "She was very good to me," Davanzo said about Big Ang. "We would laugh and talk on the side of the filming." 

Davanzo is shocked by Big Ang’s death. “This was so traumatic, I can't wrap my head around it,” she said. “My husband knows how much I loved Ang, and he's supporting me.” Big Ang’s death was the second blow for Davanzo, who lost her brother-in-law days before her friend. 

VH1 Big Ang Tribute VH1 will honor the late Angela “Big Ang” Riaola, pictured in a scene from “Mob Wives,” during a tribute episode and a Big Ang marathon. Photo: VH1

Even though Davanzo has a reputation of being a “tough guy” on the show, Raiola didn’t see her friend that way: “Ang used to tell me, ‘Everybody thinks you are a big tough guy, but you are the biggest mush I know.’” Though, there is some truth to Davanzo being “tough.” She was arrested Feb. 10 on charges of allegedly assaulting a woman on the side of the street in Staten Island, New York. 

Unlike Davanzo, “Mob Wives” costar Karen Gravano said she would tune in. “…I will be watching with some close friends tonight as I know it will be a hard episode to watch knowing she is not here with us anymore,” she told Radar Online, before the episode aired.

Big Ang died from stage 4 lung and brain cancer last Wednesday. She was 55. The late VH1 reality star is survived by her two children and six grandchildren.

For those who do want to watch, “Mob Wives: The Last Stand,” airs on VH1 Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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