“Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano broke her silence after she was supposedly banned from attending the funeral for Angela “Big Ang” Raiola at the Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn, New York, Monday. The star, whose father was labeled a “rat” on the VH1 series, brushed off the rumors.

“It's sad in a time like this people create stories and rumors for personal gain," Gravano, 43, wrote. "This is about Ang and saying goodbye." An hour later, she posted a tribute to her late friend. “Rest in Paradise, Ang. You are truly loved and will be forever missed,” she said. “Blessed to have been able to call you a friend.”


Gravano, along with “Mob Wives” newcomer Brittany Fogarty, were “banned” from Big Ang’s funeral Monday because of their fathers’ actions. Both of the men ratted out members of the mob to the New York Police Department. Gravano’s father, “Sammy The Bull,” became an FBI informant and helped take down John Gotti. Naturally, he made a lot of enemies.

Fogarty confirmed she was banned from the ceremony but did not say if Gravano was also excluded. “I was already upset because I was headed to her services, but pulled over and cried hysterically when I found out I couldn't go,” Fogarty told Us Weekly in an exclusive report Monday. “I was really taken aback when I received the call; I was not expecting it at all. Ang never judged me for the actions of my father. The fact that he cooperated with police never influenced her opinion of me, and I loved her for that."

Big Ang died early Thursday morning after a battle with stage 4 lung and brain cancer. She was 55. The VH1 reality star is survived by her two children and six grandchildren. 

The final season of “Mob Wives: The Last Stand” airs on VH1 Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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