A mom mistakenly breastfed a baby she believed was hers due to a hospital error. The baby boy was tested for HIV and hepatitis as a precaution and would need to be tested for the next year.

A mistake at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minnesota, caused a mother to breastfeed a baby that belong to Tammy Van Dyke, reports ABC News. The woman believed she was breastfeeding her baby boy, named Liam, but was in fact breastfeeding Van Dyke's baby boy, name Liam. Hospital staff switched the babies and placed Cody into the wrong bassinet, leading to the confusion.

Speaking to ABC News, Van Dyke said, “I'm holding it together. I'm just in disbelief, and it was like I was in a dream, a bad dream, and I couldn't get it to stop.” Van Dyke was set to bring her baby home when hospital staff told her of the error.

Abbott Northwestern Hospital issued an apology, reports Star Tribune. Penny Wheeler, an obstetrician at Abbot Northwestern, said “We sincerely apologize to the involved families and will make certain we understand why our procedures were not appropriately followed in this case.”

Hospital staff did not check the ID bracelet and placed Van Dyke's baby into the wrong bassinet. The staff proceeded to give Cody to a mother who believed she was caring for her baby, Liam. The mother raised suspicion but her husband reassured her and said she was tired, reports Star Tribune. It was not until the couple looked at Cody's ID bracelet that the error was discovered.

Gloria O'Connell, Abbot Northwestern spokesperson, said that this was the first time a baby was placed in the wrong bassinet at the hospital. Cody's testing came back negative and is merely a precautionary matter. According to LiveScience, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends HIV testing for the child if they were breastfed, or ingested breast milk, from a woman who was not their mother. The hosptial will pay for all the testing.