The 5-year-old daughter of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, who was shot dead on Monday along with her ex-husband in an attempted robbery, doesn’t know her parents are dead yet, family members said on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail. Thomas Berry and Spear were shot after their car broke down. Their daughter, Maya, was shot in the leg and her grandparents, who are now caring for her, have not told her what happened to her parents.

According to police, Maya sustained the injury to her leg after her parents were shot to death right in front of her. They had a flat tire and were inside of their grey 2002 Corolla Toyota when it was loading onto a tow truck when gunman murdered the Venezuelan beauty, 29, and her ex-husband, 39.

Spear’s brother Ricardo told the British news site the girl didn’t yet know her parents were murdered.  “Maya isn't yet aware that her parents have been murdered,” he told NTV24 as translate by the Daily Mail.

“It's a terrible tragedy what has happened to her and as long as we can give her time to recover we will be there for her,” he continued. “She's taken a bullet to her leg and is injured. She's in a private clinic in Caracas and is safe with her grandparents.”d

A violent gang known as “The Quick Ones “ is being investigated for the murder, the Daily Mail wrote. Neighbors reportedly captured one of its members, Adolfito or little Adolfo, in connection to the shooting. He has reportedly been arrested by police at least nine times. Police made a total of five arrest in connection to the couple’s murder, and two of the suspects being held are just 15 and 16.

Family friend Diego Sanchez is thinking about leaving Venezuela after the crime. "To think there are people who can shoot a mother and father in front of their daughter is very sad and unbelievable," he told NBC. "And it’s shocking when it happens to someone you know." More than 70 people have been killed in the country the first week of the year. NBC added Venezuela had more than 24,000 homicides last year.

Spear was in Venezuela on vacation to tour various different parts of the country with her daughter so she could get an idea of what it was like. Though Spear and Berry were divorced, their remained friendly until their untimely deaths.

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