Studying abroad has been accepted by more and more Chinese students and parents according to a new study.

Since 2002, the number of China's students who studying abroad with their own expense over 100,000 for five consecutive years.

Foreign colleges and universities see an opportunity to boon their own student bodies with this large outflow. Last weekend, an International Education Exhibition was held in Beijing, hosting more than 600 institutions from 41.

According to statistics, the geographic distribution of China's current personnel studying abroad at their own expense achieved 109 countries, and with the rapid expansion to the whole world from mainly concentrated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Germany and other countries in the early stage of reform..

In order to attract Chinese students, some countries have adopted a new policy, many schools also provide students with more scholarship opportunities, such as universities in America, Japan, Australia and so on. In addition to scholarships, there are still some countries that relax immigration policies and working conditions to attract students, such as New Zealand and Australia.

Statistics showed that the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom are the first choice by Chinese students who want to study abroad.