A recent Kinsey Institute study stirred some controversy by claiming that men like cuddling more and women like sex more in a long-term relationship.  The study subjects were middle-aged and older couples.

This claim, of course, runs against the convention wisdom of, well, nearly everything.

Nevertheless, the Kinsey Institute is a legit organization and their paper spelled out their findings and methodology. 

The man in the survey who started his relationship the youngest started at the age of 15 and the youngest woman started at 10.

The man with the most lifetime sexual partner had 83.  The woman who had the most sex in a four week period did it 81 times.

Below are more findings of the study.  The number denotes how many times more likely a man or woman is in a happy relationship.  For example, men in good health are 1.67 times more likely to be in a happy relationship.

Men Women                                                     Men                      Women

In good health?                                                1.67                       1.41

Less than high school                                     1.65                        1.62

Importance of orgasm                                        0.90                        0.96

Importance of partner orgasm                            1.17                        1.08

Kiss/cuddle often?                                               3.00                        1.59

Touch/caress by partner often?                         3.11                        1.35

Freq of sex in last 4 wks [square root]                  0.87                         1.24


Country (Ref = USA, i.e. compared to the US)

Brazil                                                                   0.52                       0.40

Germany                                                             1.12                        0.91

Japan                                                                   2.36                        1.81

Spain                                                                 4.89                        0.71