Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Mileena--those are just some of the more notable Mortal Kombat characters to dress up as during Halloween--and the easiest, too.



Ever thought what it would be like though to dress as some other characters, though? Maybe the ones you can only dress up in your dreams or only if you fought in the Mortal Kombat tournament yourself?



It's possible, but chances are slim to none. Here are the top 5 Mortal Kombat character costumes you probably won't pull off:



5. Jax/Kano





Both characters have cybernetics implanted on certain parts of their body: Jax has cybernetics attached to his arms while Kano has a cybernetic plate in his orbit, or the cavity in which his laser eye is located. You can probably paint your arms or the area surrounding your eye silver, but it won't look as realistic as real-life machinery.



4. Sektor/Cyrax/Smoke






All of these ninjas are cyber-ninjas, mechanically enhanced humans. You might get away with making cloth versions of the costumes with a detailed paint/knitting/sowing job, but that wouldn't look too robotic. If you have the money, ask Warner Bros. Games or NetherRealm Studios to build you a model that fits you.



3. Motaro






Motaro is Mortal Kombat's Centaurian, half horse, half man. You can get the man part down, but the horse part is tricky, unless someone else is willing to be part of the costume. Plus, you need a metal tail and Capricorn-like horns. Good luck.



2. Goro/Kintaro






Both these guys...or creatures...have four arms. Really, where are you going to get two more arms? There's only one way to do that, but once you attach them to your body, you won't look too pretty. And, you'll probably end up in jail.



1. Baraka






Mortal Kombat fans love Baraka because he has incredibly long, protruding metal blades and teeth. But, this one is the hardest of the hard to pull off. Vampire teeth won't cut it. Wolverine blades are just too tacky. You basically have to be born with these features to make this costume a reality.