Throughout the years, fashion enthusiasts have endured a lot in the name of style and designer trends. Women, in particular, have been a victim of fashion during different eras in history due to the societal pressure of conforming to the silhouette in vogue at that time.

From corset string stretches to unreasonably high heels, the need for a perfect figure has always been there.

The term, fashion victim, has been actually coined by the famous fashion designer Oscar De La Renta to identify a person who is unable to draw the line between style and faddishness.

Fashion victims, by their characteristic inability to recognize boundaries, may aspire for the extreme end of what are available, seeking expensive products, believing that the outward display of such items will draw admiration in proportion to their actual or apparent cost.

Even during some of the most high-end fashion shows, certain odd fashion lineups make one question the very standards and basics of true style.

Check out these odd fashion creations and the fashion victims involved: