The U.S. Treasury Department went after the famed Mystic Pizza restaurant for approximately $63,084.89 after a criminal investigation by the Internal Revenue Service.

In January, Treasury Department officials seized the cash from a Chelsea Groton Bank of the owners John Zelepos, George Zelepos and Christos Zelepos, according to The Day.

The Zelepos owns and operates the restaurant on Main Street in Mystic, Conn.  The IRS refused to detail any information regarding the investigation that led to the seizure of the Zelepos's assets. They officially own the company Mystic Pizza LLC.

We do procedures like this one in the normal course of our business, said IRS spokeswoman Jessica Crocker, according to The Day.

The seizure was revealed this week in a legal notice published in The Day.

Mystic Pizza became famous from the 1988 Julia Roberts movie of the same name.

Internal Revenue Service agents become involved in cases when an organization is suspected of money laundering.

On the website, Mystic Pizza is also associated with Mystic Pizza II, however, they are reportedly not business partners.