Those who think walking through a haunted house naked sounds like a good idea will be thrilled to check out “Shocktoberfest” in Pennsylvania. It’s not a joke either. Participants are asked to strip to their birthday suits to get ready for a scare of a lifetime.

The good news is that people won’t have to worry about peeing their pants, because the point of the “Naked and Scared” tour is to feel every goosebump, owner Patrick Konopelski told the Huffington Post.

The “Naked and Scared” tour has been taking place in Sinking Spring, Pa., for more than a decade, but Konopelski was recently inspired by “Naked and Afraid," the Discovery Channel show where two strangers must survive in the wild nude for 21 days. This year will essentially be a trial run to see how it goes, but the owner insists it is harmless and that groups will be kept small to ensure safety. 

"I was inspired by the show. It was really creepy. So my team and I sat down and started figuring out how we could [do something similar] and how it could be done safely," he said.

After all, what could make someone feel more exposed and terrified than having no clothes on? "It's about vulnerability,” Konopelski said. “…People putting their defenses down and not being protected by anything. It allows us to scare them in ways they have never been scared before." 

Only participants who give consent are naked, but thrill-seekers can choose to enter the “Naked and Scared” tour as a “nude or prude.”

"We're in America. If it's not for you, don't do it," Konopelski said. "Because you don't agree, does it give you the right to stop someone else from experiencing something they have the right to experience? Keep in mind this is in a controlled environment. [Participants] will never be in view of minors or non-consenting adults," he said.

For those who are interested, tickets are $20 and can be purchased here. Check out their Twitter and Facebook page, too, for more information.